2017 was a major shift for me in terms of shifting my eating pattern to one that solely prioritised plants.

Now it wasn’t all plain sailing - it was rewiring everything I thought I knew about health and nutrition.

But it wasn’t long before I started getting the hang of it and optimising it for health and performance, as well as enhancing my skills in the kitchen.

I soon got to a point where I was building a solid understanding of plant-based nutrition and its benefits for our physiology, and began sharing nutritious and delicious recipes on Twitter and Instagram, which began getting positive feedback from an ever-growing community.

I continued to explore the power of plants, and other areas of health that could also be focused on and optimised.

No doubt whole plant foods play a huge role in health – but the likes of sleep, training and stress management have plenty of layers to explore.

Marrying them all together has made for a purposeful drive – from me to you – to encourage you all with tips on how to optimise key areas of your health – starting with getting more plants onto your plate.