How today’s culture of convenience is ruining our health


We need food, and we need it NOW. The convenience culture, whilst practical at times, is proving to be more hindrance than help these days.

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We need food, and we need it NOW. The convenience culture, whilst practical at times, is proving to be more hindrance than help these days. We’re able to stay busy (and sometimes overworked), completing tasks and running errands — and when hunger strikes, we are able to head to our nearest supermarket and pick up a pre-packaged snack or meal without batting an eyelid.

What’s more, we don’t have to go through the ‘hassle’ of cooking anything from scratch these days. Microwaves exist for the ready meals that give us maximum satisfaction, in minimal time. But what impact is this having on our health?

A short term fix - with long-term problems
A short term fix - with long-term problems

The inconvenience of convenience

Convenience foods largely do not serve us well nutritionally. In so many cases they are devoid of nutrients, and contain additional salts and sugars that keep us coming back for more, to the point where we end up over-fed, undernourished, and eventually in a state of disease.

Getting back to the source of nature is critical; nutrient-dense foods are what our bodies crave to function optimally, but they are often skipped on in favour of a quick fix. If we are to seek out convenient food options, heading for minimally-processed options such as fresh and dried fruit, nuts and seeds would be the way to go.

Preparation is key

To cook or not to cook? So many of us are now seeing the process of cooking from scratch a foreign entity altogether, and this is a bad sign. And why would we, when the carrot of fast-food outlets and pre-packaged meals that we can stick in the microwave or oven is constantly dangled in front of us everywhere we turn? Cooking creates a sense of community, and brings us closer to our loved ones.

Think of the last time you created a delicious meal from scratch - and one that was packed with nutrition. Now think of the feeling of accomplishment that came with it. It’s a win-win. Not to mention the use of fresh ingredients, which leave us happier, healthier, and less likely to consume added sugars and empty calories.

Real food = real vitality
Real food = real vitality

Whilst convenience has its benefits, we have to be more mindful of the long-term effects on our health. Sometimes we truly are short of time, and a convenient meal makes life a lot easier, but we can do our bit and seek out healthier packaged options wherever possible. But whatever dietary plan fits in with our lifestyle, taking a step back and primarily focusing on nutrient-dense foods, as nature intended, to cook from scratch will benefit us hugely, and our bodies will thank us for years to come.