Health: a holistic pursuit?

Health: a holistic pursuit?


How I uncovered the foundation of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Plus - what I am eating this week

My trust in the power of whole plant foods has spanned over 6-and-a-half years now – since the summer of August 2017 – and in many ways was a catalyst for what has become an in-depth exploration of human health, and what we can do to influence it.

From watching a documentary (What The Health), to making a dietary shift overnight.

Not something I recommend, by the way. Slow and steady will win the race for most. But it was an eye-opener to the point where making an immediate shift made sense, followed by a deep dive into research.

It was a huge step in building a conscious connection with what was going onto my plate every single day.

Does a 100% plant-based dietary pattern absolutely have to be the way for good health? No! This was a realisation that came to me after continually diving into the research over time...however the power of plants ensures that we would do well to fill our plate with them.

Above everything though, for me to finally realise the impact that we can potentially have on our health outcomes through what we eat was a very powerful realisation for me – and was ultimately what led me to create a space to share my findings and learnings to help you.

Was I 'unhealthy' before? Not really.

I've been playing multiple sports from a young age, trained properly in the gym since the age of 21/22, and have generally been a very active person all my life.

But I think as far as nutrition goes, my knowledge was very much limited.

Through all of my research that I've done in the last 6-and-a-half years, I've found so many things to be of great benefit; from the importance of getting a diverse range of plants into my diet, to increasing antioxidant intake through foods like berries, why we should lean into fermented foods, improving athletic performance and recovery through a high-protein plant-based diet, and more.

Nutrition is a key building block of a true holistic health approach

But as important as our nutrition habits are, the scope for health-promoting habits goes wider.

I've learned so much about how important training is for our bone density, mental wellbeing, healthy muscle mass, and our capacity to age gracefully.

I've learned so much about why our sleep/wake cycle – also known as our circadian rhythm – is crucial to health, and the impact that light has on our health on a daily basis.

I've learned just how important managing our emotional stress is for wellbeing, as well as how vital it is to maintain a strong sense of community.

Even our spiritual health and time spent in nature can have a massive impact on our health and wellbeing long-term.

I don't say it lightly that incorporating these things over a long period of time have improved my life immeasurably; they have even provided me with a buffer in the face of the horrendous trauma of spousal loss in 2021.

Ultimately I realised this: that the health game is a holistic pursuit; one that requires us to fill the tank in multiple areas of life for us to be at our true best.

Learning about the long-term benefits of all of these have been just as integral in my quest to live a long and healthy life – and ultimately encouraging you all to do the same.

So here's to continuing to prioritise long-term wellbeing and vitality, as well as our healthspan – that being the number of years we actually live in good and vibrant health – and providing the tools to you guys to go on your own impactful journey as well.

What I'm eating this week

I've really been diving into a Gochujang Tofu Pasta recipe that I came up with last week. It's really simple, with a nice spicy kick to it, as well as being a good source of protein. Plenty of mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and onions for micronutrients as well. I'll share it in due course on my Instagram account – so look out for it!

Gochujang: a current kitchen favourite of mine

Tweet of the Week

The takeaway here is this: always be honest with yourself. If your health needs improving, start taking the steps (however small). If your work is unfulfilling, consider steps to change. If your relationships are failing, it might be time to let go.

Don't deny what reality is showing you.

Until next time,