Wellness Weekly: Avoid society's trap of comfort

Wellness Weekly: Avoid society's trap of comfort


How can we overcome society's pull to keep us comfortable?

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One thing that has been playing on my mind recently when it comes to human health is how society wants to lead us down a path of comfort.

Take a break, we're often told.


Have that bit of cake.

Take it 'easy'.

This is not the way.

I don't believe humans are wired for comfort, as is often said.

We're wired for safety and efficiency.

So back in the day that may have seen our ancestors grow their own food or forage for it – sometimes over long-distances – to ensure that nutritional needs were met.

This would ensure safety through providing food for the family, and attempting to do it in the most efficient way possible.

It's really the modern world that has led us towards comfort and convenience.

And it's to the detriment of our health.

The modern world leans towards comfort and ease - and it's a problem for our health

Order Uber Eats regularly instead of cooking healthy plant-rich meals from scratch.

Get groceries delivered to your door instead of getting light movement in while shopping for them yourself.

Avoiding the discomfort of training, and saying to yourself 'you'll do it tomorrow'.

And these are just a handful of examples.

I don't believe a human being is wired to sit on the couch and order Uber Eats 7 times a week.

Convenience can of course be useful in many situations – for example I'm having to use some healthy convenience food options while I'm in the busy season of preparing for my wedding – but it's now become the first port of call for many.

When really, it should be considered only out of necessity.

We now find ourselves in a place where many seek comfort because it's comfortable and we are encouraged to.

It's imperative that as humans we make a conscious effort to train and eat well - the trap of comfort that society offers will always be lurking round the corner

I get it...it's the easy thing to do.

Which is why decisions around your health have to be controlled and intentional, so that you don't get led down a path of convenience and comfort.

Two things you can do right now to ensure the trap of comfort and convenience doesn't get to you:

1) Have ingredients on hand – whether that be pre-prepared healthy options, or healthy convenience options (like packets of lentils/beans etc).

2) Be intentional with doing difficult things – training is hard, discipline with nutrition is hard, and even things like cold showers are hard (I might have to get back on these, it's been a while). So being intentional with things that will take you away from convenience and comfort is key.

Focus on these two things and you can be sure that the grip of convenience – along with the encouragement for comfort – won't derail you from where you wish to go.

Stay healthy,


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