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Truffle, mushroom and linguini pasta

This recipe was inspired by the truffle flavours I had plenty of when I traveled to Mykonos in August. This one is a tasty dish that you’re definitely going to want to make. Ingredients (serves 4)⁣⁣ * 1/2 pack linguine pasta⁣⁣ * 1 pack chestnut mushrooms, chopped⁣⁣ * 1/2 bag baby spinach⁣⁣ * Truffle oil, to taste⁣⁣ * 1 red onion⁣⁣ * 3 cloves garlic⁣ * 1 tbsp vegan butter⁣⁣ (optional) * 2 tbsp nutritional yeast⁣⁣ * 2 tbsp black garlic paste⁣⁣ * 1 tbsp garlic pepper⁣⁣ * 1 tsp pink sal
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Vegan apple crumble

Add this homemade vegan apple crumble into your list of plant-based recipes - I promise you will not be disappointed! Ingredients: * 1 cup oats * 1 cup ground almonds (can just blend a cup of whole almonds in a blender) * 1/4 cup melted coconut oil * 4 apples * 1/3 cup water * 1-2 tbsp maple syrup * 1 tbsp cinnamon * 1 tbsp nutmeg * Dairy free soy icecream Method: * Peel and chop your apples, and then cook them in your water in a saucepan for 10mins, or until they start to get so
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Jackfruit Burritos

You’ll absolutely love this recipe. A Mexican special bursting with flavour, and if you get the jackfruit right, the meaty texture will be right up your street! Ingredients: * White basmati rice * Handful fresh parsley * Wholewheat tortilla wraps * One can black beans * One can organic jackfruit pieces * One avocado * 1 courgette * One tomato * One yellow and red pepper * 1 red onion (for the guac) and one white onion (for vegetable mix) * 1 lime 1 tbsp agave syrup Spices * Oni
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Seitan Buddha Bowl

Tuck into this protein-rich power bowl
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Buckwheat Banana Bread

Dive into this buckwheat banana bread for a (healthier) treat to share with friends and family
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The culture of convenience and how it is wrecking our health

Convenience foods are destroying the health of society
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Health challenges in the black community - what can be done?

How can we navigate the health challenges faced by large parts of the black community?
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Can we trust the media for nutritional advice?

Should we take what the media say about nutrition with - pun intended - a pinch of salt?
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Wellness Weekly: Are you getting enough iron from plant foods?

Iron is one of those critical nutrients to look out for on a plant-based diet - find out what you need to prioritise to keep it in check
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7 plant foods to support your immune system

What foods should you prioritise in order to maintain robust immune health? Read on to find out
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